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Sport Solent in the Community is Solent Sport’s small grant scheme that supports community groups and individuals in Hampshire. Grants of up to £1,000 are available to support projects based on sport or physical activity that benefit the Hampshire community.

Application Guidelines

Applications are now closed.

Please ensure that you have read this document before completing the application form.


 1. The application process

This guide has been designed to help you when applying to Sport Solent in the Community. It will help you decide if your group and project are eligible for funding and there are also notes to help you complete the application form.

The application process will normally take 2 months from closing date to decision:

• Complete and submit your application
• Your application is assessed by the Trustees
• The decision of the Trustees is communicated to you
• Successful applicants return their signed grant agreement
• Project starts
• Project is completed and all requisite monitoring and evaluation document is returned

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2. What will Sport Solent in the Community fund?

The aim of the trust is to enable groups, individuals or clubs to deliver programmes of sport or physical activity that benefit the population of Hampshire, and that broadly support the widening participation agenda.

Funding may typically be available for:

- Sports equipment
- Basic stationery – paper, ink, envelopes etc.
- Printed publicity
- Training/coaching
- Facility Hire
- Vehicle Hire

This list is indicative, and by no means exhaustive and we will consider any bids that fall under the general criteria of helping young people by developing their skills, advancing education, relieving
and providing recreational and leisure time activities in the interests of social welfare and promote the benefit of the provision of facilities for recreational or other leisure activities. unemployment 

Bids from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £1000 can be applied for. Preference will be given to those bids where match funding is offered in the form of either cash or in kind (time or facilities etc.) however, this is not a requirement.

3. Who can apply? 

Priority will be given to small, unfunded or poorly funded, volunteer-led groups or individuals based in Hampshire, but all organisations that meet the criteria may apply.

Standard criteria
Sport Solent in the Community is keen to support Hampshire based clubs, organisations and individuals who can demonstrate the following criteria;
• Proper conduct of their officers in both general and financial matters
• Adherence to current equality legislation and guidelines.
• Procedures are in place and compliant to ensure the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

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3. Who can apply? 

Sport Solent in the Community has legal duties and all the money we distribute must go to groups or individuals who also meet these legal duties. The information and documents we require help us do that. We only ask for documents we need. In addition to the completed application form we will require

Annual accounts

All applications from organisations that are more than 1 year old must submit annual accounts for their last financial year. For most groups or individuals accounts can be done on a receipts and payments basis. This simply lists all money received and paid out by the group or individual in the year in question, and a statement giving details of its assets and liabilities at the end of the year.

Recent bank statement

We ask for a recent bank statement for two reasons:

1) It provides evidence that you have a bank account in the group or individual name.

2) It shows how much money you currently have. Annual accounts can be up to 22 months old and will not show recent income. We have limited funds and need to ensure the grants are awarded to the groups or individuals who need it the most. If you have significant funds in your bank account through another grant or because you are saving for a specific project please make sure you provide details of this.

Apply by filling out the online form below: 

Application form